What makes us special

Successful trainees become part of the Kernow Learning and KITE family and that's what makes us unique!

In partnership with the NIoT, we work hard to support trainees from application, through to graduation and we are committed to ensuring that trainees are supported every step of the way, at a professional, academic, and pastoral level.

Our cohorts are small in size, which means that strong, supportive relationships are developed between KITE colleagues, schools and trainees. Some trainees join us straight out of university whilst others have been employed, sometimes in educational settings, whilst others chosen to have a total career change. Some trainees join straight from university whilst others have a lot more life experience!

The NIoT and KITE is committed to providing outstanding training which is evidence based and is led by experienced experts in their field. these include headteachers, senior leaders, specialist leaders in education, curriculum leads and external educational consultants. The teacher training programmes on offer are fully immersive school-centred programmes, but full immersion does not mean that you will be thrown in the deep end!

Our trainees are mentored and have central training once a week giving individuals the confidence of knowing that they are participating in a programme that has been designed by some of the most experienced teachers and leaders in the country, drawn from four leading school trusts with decades of teacher-training between them. 

We place trainees with outstanding practitioners who are committed and are invested in supporting, coaching and training individuals new to the profession.

We support the mental health and well-being of all trainees as we recognise and understand that the training year is intensive and that everyone’s personal circumstances are unique.

We know from experience what headteachers look for in new teachers, so we will ensure that you develop the skills necessary for finding an Early Career Teacher role by ensuring that all trainees are prepared and organised when applying for jobs, for example we offer support in writing letters of application, provide training on interview techniques, offer mock interviews and ensure that trainees are the first to know about vacancies within the schools that we work with! 

In addition to the core curriculum KITE draws upon expertise with our trust to provide additional training opportunities which include:

  • Whole school INSET days
  • Curriculum Training led by Kernow Learning school improvement team and trust specialists
  • Read Write Inc Showcase 
  • Talk for Writing Showcase 
  • Moderation events
  • EYFS Update meetings
  • English Hub online seminars


All successful applicants are invited to half termly Keeping In Touch Events from the spring term, prior to starting which enables trainees to get to know one another and the KITE team prior to starting and helps individuals to prepare for the year ahead!