Why Choose Us?

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From application, through to graduation, we ensure that trainees are supported every step of the way, at a professional, academic, and pastoral level.

Our cohorts are small in size which means that strong, supportive relationships are developed between KITE colleagues and trainees.

We place trainees with outstanding practitioners who are committed to supporting and training individuals new to the profession.

KITE is committed to providing outstanding training which is led by experienced experts in their field; these include headteachers, senior leaders, specialist leaders in education, curriculum leads and external educational consultants.

All colleagues will support the mental health and well-being of all trainees as we recognise and understand that everyone’s personal circumstances are unique and therefore everyone is treated as an individual.

We ensure that all trainees are well prepared and organised when preparing to apply for jobs, for example we offer support in writing letters of application, provide mock interviews and ensure that trainees are the first to know about vacancies within the schools that we work with.

All trainees engage in a full induction day in July which helps to prepare them for the start of term in September and it also gives them the opportunity to get to meet other trainees and the core team!

So what do our current trainees say?

"I would recommend KITE as an exceptional, highly supportive teacher training provider. Without the scaffolding of the programme or supportive network of the team, I wouldn’t be as comfortable or confident in my training journey."

Meghan Chapman (2021-to date)

"I have recommended KITE to multiple people in Cornwall already! The KITE training experience has been so valuable, and I feel that I have learnt so much. The team are supportive and there is a wealth of knowledge being passed on to us from within Kernow Learning and beyond!"

Rebecca Dunning (2021-to date)

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