What do the class of 2021-2022 say?

Tom McGarry - University of Exeter Trainee, 5-11 years programme.

Tom chose to take a total career change and has thrived from the start!

Tom was the second KITE trainee in two consecutive years to be awarded the University of Exeter Ted Wragg Award. Tom was recognised for his continued excellence both in and out of the classroom.

He has since gained employment as a key stage 2 teacher in the school that hosted him for his main placement and he cannot wait to start!

Jasmine Mann - University of Exeter Trainee, 5-11 years programme.

Jasmine chose to follow her mum's footsteps and joined KITE straight from university.

Jasmine has since gained employment in her main placement school and is now looking forward to having her own class in September!

Rebecca Dunning - University of Exeter, Trainee 5-11 years programme.

Rebecca is a qualified swimming teacher who has always loved teaching children. In September 2021 her dream became a reality and she is now preparing to take up her first teaching post in the local area.

Sadie Thomas - University of Exeter Trainee, 3-7 years programme.

Sadie thrived in the early years environment and now looks forward to teaching her own EYFS class in a school in London!

Lydia Peers - University of Exeter Trainee, 3-7 years programme.

Lydia made a positive impact during her main placement and has since gained full time employment in that school. The staff and children look forward to welcoming her to their community in September.

Trainees Comments - Class of 2021-2022:

"I have really enjoyed my time with KITE and couldn't have asked for a better training provider. Coming into the year involved a huge change for me - I felt really supported throughout and have never looked back on my decision."

Lauren Banner (2021-2022)

"Anyone would be lucky enough to receive the training and support provided by KITE! The whole team have been wonderful, and the training has been amazing!"

Lucy Hayes (2021-2022)

"My biggest success to date was during my first KITE observation. I was nervous and it was changed at the last minute, however it went extremely well! My lead mentor was so proud of how the observation went - she cried. At this moment I started to really believe in myself."

Emily Collins (2021-2022)

"I have recommended KITE to multiple people in Cornwall already! The KITE training experience has been so valuable, and I feel that I have learnt so much. The team are supportive and there is a wealth of knowledge being passed on to us from within Kernow Learning Trust and beyond!"

Rebecca Dunning (2021-2022)

"I am so pleased I chose KITE as my training provider. I have felt supported during every step of the journey. The team guide you through the course with an energy and passion that is infectious."

Louise Sayer (2021-2022)

"I would recommend KITE as an exceptional, highly supportive teacher training provider. Without the scaffolding of the programme or supportive network of the team, I wouldn’t be as comfortable or confident in my training journey."

Meghan Chapman (2021-2022)

"I feel so well supported by the team at KITE in my professional and personal development. The training has been thorough and has given me the knowledge and understanding to really push myself in the classroom. I have learnt so much about theory and practice and feel this course has given me the best possible start in my future career. I couldn’t be happier with the training and support I have received from KITE."

Lydia Peers (2021-2022)

Testimonials from our previous trainees - the class of 2020-2021:

"I chose KITE because they were highly recommended to me by a number of teachers whose opinion I respected and valued - they were not wrong! From the outset, the KITE team were friendly and approachable, and always available to chat or reply to emails promptly. In addition to receiving many excellent training sessions delivered by a range of experts, I have experienced two fantastic placements in local schools with inspirational teachers and children. This has provided many opportunities to observe great teaching and learning, whilst being able to develop my own practice in a safe and supportive space. Overall, the KITE experience has been thoroughly positive and invaluable in preparing me for life as a teacher."

Naomi Mace (2020-2021) 

“The support from the Kernow Learning schools has been brilliant. I have been able to work with specialists in different subject areas, as well as assessment and SEND. The members of KITE that I have encountered so far have been friendly and approachable which has allowed me to seek support and guidance throughout my training… I felt prepared to enter each stage of my training ready to take on new challenges… I was able to speak with members of KITE about any worries or anxieties that I felt, and this enabled me to enter my placement knowing that I had support behind me... The pastoral care is something that has allowed me to overcome any challenging situations and to really put the best version of myself forward as a professional in education.”

Nicola McNally (2020-2021)

'The hands-on experience and the coaching delivered by experienced practitioners regarding how to teach, have been invaluable. The regular training sessions and practical tips on top of full-time school placements, have enabled us all to really understand how children learn. The support provided by the KITE team has been fantastic. The practical training sessions have really helped us to develop our teaching skills. As a career changer, I wanted to be given strategies that really work in the classroom and encourage progression - KITE provided this in abundance."

Emma Relton (2020-2021)