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Course Code: 2J9V

KITE, in partnership with the University of Exeter will be leading the Primary (5-11) course which is designed specifically for those interested in teaching pupils between the ages of 5-11 years. The Primary (5-11) is a School Direct programme which means that trainees will have the opportunity to spend approximately 120 days working alongside experienced colleagues in school. 

Organisation of the Programme

There are three key areas of training and support which will come from the University, KITE and schools. 


KITE is the first port of call for all trainees! The central Team, along with the wider team work hard to ensure that trainees are well supported and highly trained. Over the year, KITE provide trainees with approximately 28 days of face to face training at the Early Careers Development Centre, Newquay. The training is led by a range of experts which include heads, senior leaders, specialist leaders in education and independent consultants. The training aims to deepen trainees understanding of the curriculum (what we teach), pedagogy (how we teach), along with a range of other topical areas such as equality and diversity, mental health and well-being, managing teaching assistants and how to support our vulnerable pupils. The training offered aims to support, compliment and build upon the training and experiences provided by the University and schools.

The central Team at KITE are also committed to ensuring that all trainees are cared for and supported throughout their time with us.


During their year, trainees will be working at Masters level which is led and managed by our colleagues at the University of Exeter. At  the start of the year, each trainee is allocated a university tutor who will not only support them with their academic studies, but will also visit them in school on a termly basis. In addition to this, Exeter provide a range of training, which like ours aims to develop both curriculum and pedagogical knowledge.

School Led Training:

This is a School Direct Programme which means that trainees will spend at least 120 days in school. All trainees are placed with colleagues who are committed to supporting and training individuals to a high standard to ensure that they are ready to lead their own class in September 2023!

Study Day:

Each week trainees will have a university study day which will focus on the Masters aspect of the programme. Trainees will not have to travel to Exeter as these days are either virtual or involve independent study which can be undertaken from home.

Trainees who select this route will train alongside our other trainees who have opted for other routes with KITE.


During the year, trainees will have a minimum of two placements and will be in school for a minimum of 120 days. Trainees will have a main placement (Autumn and Summer Term) and a second placement (Spring Term). Individuals who opt for the Primary 5-11 programme will have one placement in the Key Stage 1 (infants) and another placement within Key Stage 2 (juniors). The placements we select tend to be contrasting in context, for example, one may be in a large three form infant school situated in a town, whereas the second placement may be is a small village school.

Every trainee is only ever placed with teaching colleagues who are experience and are committed to supporting individuals who are new to the profession.
Our aim is to ensure that all of our trainees to be successful, and with that in mind we take into consideration each individuals personal situation and endeavour to place them so that they have no more than a 40 minute journey to work, although it is often less.

Entry Requirements:

The University of Exeter is part of the Russel Group and have a general requirement of a degree classification of a 2:1 or above, although a 2:2 is applicable in some situations.
In addition to this, applicants will also need to have a GCSE grade C or a 4 (or equivalent) in English, Maths and Science.

All applicants are required to have a full DBS and a Fit to Teach check prior to starting the programme.


The DfE entry requirement to pass professional skills tests in literacy and numeracy has been removed for 2020/21 entry onwards. Instead, PGCE trainees will be benchmarked during their training against a Government-defined set of fundamental mathematics and English skills. This will be embedded into the training year and will not involve any specific testing at interview. Trainees will be given tools to help identify areas for development and improve their skills where needed. The PGCE course will include activities to enable trainees to demonstrate they have the requisite skills by the end of the course.

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