About Us

An introduction to Kernow Learning

Kernow Learning is a family of schools who work together. This family is called an Academy Trust and enables our schools to benefit from the collective strength of all schools within our Trust. It means that we are able to share resources and expertise with access to a far wider talent and resource pool than we could access as an individual school.

There are currently 21 schools within our Trust, each unique in their own identity and community, but each sharing our mission of ‘Building Excellent Schools Together’. By working in synergy, each school is strengthened, and it is this synergy that ensures that our school is continually improving.

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Kernow Learning is unique as it is proud to lead:

Kernow Initial Teacher Education:  Kernow Learning has  an ethos of growing its own teachers and in partnership with the National Institute of Teaching leads a well established primary teacher training programme. All colleagues within the Kernow Learning family are committed to supporting trainees on their journey and all schools have a vested interest in ensuring that trainees become the best they can be. Many of our past trainees are now employed by Kernow Learning or their placement school and a large number are now involved in the KITE programme, as a mentor or a subject lead.

DfE Kernow English Hub:  We are proud to be one of 34 English Hubs nationwide which are funded by the Department for Education. The English Hub provides funding and free support to schools across Cornwall. The Kernow English Hub supports schools to raise standards in the teaching of early language, systematic synthetic phonics and to develop a reading for pleasure pedagogy. Colleagues within the English Hub have considerable experience and expertise in providing high quality training and bespoke support to drive school improvement for all, including taking a lead on the English aspect of the KITE programme. Trainees are invited to a variety of training offered by the English Hub throughout the year.

DfE Teaching School Hub:  Within England there are 87 DfE Teaching School Hubs, with only two being situated in Cornwall- these two Teaching School Hubs work collaboratively as OneCornwall. Teaching School Hubs are centres of excellence are responsible for ensuring colleagues in schools have the opportunity to access high quality training and professional development, from a trainee teacher all of the way through to CEO. OneCornwall provide support for trainees and they progress into and undertake the two year Early Career Teacher Programme.


An introduction to Kernow Initial Teacher Education (KITE)

"Teachers are the foundation of the education system. There are no great schools without great teachers. The quality of teaching is the single most important in-school factor for improving pupil outcomes - and it is particularly important for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds."

With over ten years of experience, KITE is a well-established ITE provider and has a shared, moral purpose which aims to improve the lives of all children, by ensuring they all have the best outcomes, no matter what their starting points are in life. 

From September 2024 KITE will be working in partnership with the National Institute of Teaching (NIoT) to deliver two primary teacher training programmes: primary 3-7 years and primary 5-11 years. 

We are keen to ensure that our programmes capture, exemplify and share the lived experience of teachers and leaders, and a significant strength of this partnership with the NIoT will be providing the opportunity for individuals to build and share knowledge in a way that is respectful to their time, and above all, develops them as teachers and leaders to effectively serve the pupils in their schools.

KITE’s training facilities are situated in the coastal town of Newquay in Cornwall. KITE's training facilities are conveniently based at St Columb Minor School, approximately 15 minutes away from the A30 and 10 minutes away from the coast which offers a number of golden beaches, bars and breath-taking walks. 

Most of our trainees are based in Kernow Learning schools, but we also work in partnership with a range of other primary schools across Cornwall to ensure that trainees receive a rich and varied experience, meaning that we aim to ensure that trainees can train close to home.