At KITE we understand how busy you will be during your year of training and also appreciate that individuals may have other commitments at home. As a result, we aim to ensure that trainees are placed no more than forty minute drive from their home, although it is often less!

Placement schools are often situated within Kernow Learning Trust, however, we also work with a number of partner schools across Cornwall. We ensure that school based colleagues are excellent practitioners and are excited at the prospect of having a trainee teacher and being part of their journey.

During the academic year trainees will have placements in two contrasting schools in two different phases. 


Placement Organisation:

Autumn Term 2024: Trainees will have one main placement for the whole of the autumn term. 

Spring Term 2025: Trainees will spend the spring term in a contrasting school placement, in a different phase. 

Summer Term 2025: Trainees will return to the same class in their main placement school for the summer term.


For those who are on the 3-7 programme: you will have a placement in a reception class and a placement in either year 1 or year 2.


For those who are on the 5-11 programme: you will have a placement in key stage 1 (year 1 or 2) and another placement in key stage 2 (year 3-6).